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Who has time to read, right?! Each of these books is packed with good stuff that will inspire your teaching, making it worth the read. Order them through the links below, and a small portion of the sale is returned to me to help finance this website.

Several Boards across Canada and around the world are now engaged with the Instructional Intelligence projects inspired by this comprehensive book on teaching and learning by Barrie Bennett and Carole Rolheiser. It's a dense resource, but packed with pretty much everything you need to know in teaching. Chapters include material on brain research, concept mapping, questioning/Blooms, lesson design and so much more.
Kathleen Gould Lundy is a teacher through and through.  As well as her philosophy, she shares in this book some practical ideas to use with struggling learners.  A section on Assessment and Evaluation is also included.  A great resource for any junior/intermediate classroom.
Robert Sylwester nicely disseminates the crux of brain research and what it means to teachers in this thin but meaty book.

The classroom management classic for teachers new and experienced, I re-read this book every summer before heading back into the classroom!

1-2-3 Magic is actually a discipline program aimed at parents, but its facets are easily transferable to most primary and junior classrooms. Author Dr. Thomas W. Phelan is an expert on child discipline and Attention Deficit Disorder. This book also makes a great reference for parents of your students.
This publication from the Equals program in math features cooperative problems for groups of students to solve in a variety of strands of math. Easy to use in a differentiated setting, this resource also integrates other transformational practices like graphic organizers!

An oldie but goodie, chock full of great ideas for building community in your classroom.

Marilyn Burns continues to shine as a leading educator in the field of Math. This book provides a wonderful introduction to Math for teachers who may be somewhat math-phobic, as well as those who are already comfortable with the subject.

DPA got you down?  Check out this brilliant little book by Carla Hannford, and see why learning is not "all in your head"!!!
Steve Moline is the guru of visual literacy. This is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in graphic organizers and visual learning. Includes lots of student examples.

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