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I use these picturebooks with a variety of classes K-8.  Each one I have selected either because it works well with a particular curriculum area, or because it is just great fun to read, or because it is a deep and meaningful book I believe kids must be introduced to!

Each book is linked directly to a purchase option through Amazon, so if you want to buy it for YOUR classroom, please do it through the links below, and help keep this website alive!

The True Story of the
Three Little Pigs

There are always at least two sides to every story, and this hilarious take on the classic fairy tale proves it!  This book is perfect for introducing junior writers to the concept of voice.  Also good for starting a conversation with kids about how individuals and the media can portray bias in any "real life" situation, causing harmful and potentially inaccurate rumours to proliferate.


This is a great book to introduce the Aboriginal: North American "first contact" experience, but from the perspective of a young aboriginal girl.  Also a great book for introducing the element of voice, and the concept of different viewpoints.

Fly Away Home

I've used this classic Eve Bunting story to launch a unit on homelessness that culminates in the students completing an assignment on "giving" around the holiday season, or anytime in the school year.

The Little Mole Who Knew that It Was None of His Business

This is a such a tremendously funny book about, well, SHIT!  Ha haha, no kidding-it really is about poo! But it's such a great pattern book, and primary and junior kids alike love it, so just get it and read it!

Seen Art

A humourous play on the name/word "Art" and the MOMA, this book is a must have for any Art teacher or classroom teacher who loves Art.  Also makes a great gift for any NYC lover.

Green Eggs and Ham

I use this classic at the beginning of the school year to launch a discussion on healthy eating.  The students begin by thinking about foods they've been hesitant to try, but later ended up enjoying.  Then I read the book, following which the class generates a list of foods that would be good options for an energy boost at recess/snack time.  This list gets sent home in a parent newsletter in September, and is often referred back to throughout the year.

The Sneetches

Another Dr. Seuss Classic, this one was originally intended for a primary audience, but I find it is a great tool with all age groups for dealing with diversity and building an inclusive classroom.

Math Curse

This now-famous Scieszka classic is a must-have for every teacher of Math!

Monkey Business

If a picutre is worth a thousand words, then this book pairing idioms with hilariously appropriate visuals is worth millions! A great resource for all levels; expecially useful for vocabulary development and/or language learners.

Travelling Man

Anyone teaching a unit on explorers can move beyond the western "standards" by including this story of the Muslim world's famous adventurer, Ibn Battuta.  As well as helping to build an inclusive classroom library, this book is an excellent study in illustration art, as the words are woven through the pages in rather a creative fashion.

The Mysteries of
Harris Burdick

This series of posters acts as an extremely engaging springboard for oral language and written narrative.  Great for sparking the imagination of all age groups!

Badger’s Parting Gifts

As you know if you’ve read about my recently completed Master’s Degree, thanatology is a side interest of mine, and I strongly believe in making death a natural part of life for children. “Badger’s Parting Gifts” is written in such a delightfully child-friendly manner that I highly recommend it for any primary/junior classroom.  It also makes a great gift for any adult you know who has recently suffered a loss. Click here to download a lesson plan for this book.

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