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Below is a list and brief description of a variety of graphic organizers (GO). Click on each link to be taken to a printable version of said GO.

Visual Word Association - Make your word walls more meaningful with this graphic organizer which helps students clarify their understanding of a particular word.

Frayer Model - Another great tool for making your word walls come to life; this one is especially useful for Math and other subject-specific vocabulary.  Students analyze the word's essential and non-essential attributes.  (The word goes in the middle of the graphic organizer.)

2 Venn Diagram – Great for comparing and contrasting

3 Venn Diagram – For more complex comparing and contrasting

Fishbone – A fine tool for sorting and classifying information on a central theme

Q-chart – Use to generate (or have students generate) rich questions

Recount Paragraph Planner – Helps students to plan and organize their recount

Exposition Paragraph Planner – As above, but with prompts for persuasive writing

Story Map 1 – Helps students to plan and organize their narrative writing, or to plan a retell of a story they have read

Story Map 2 – Helps students to plan and organize their narrative writing, or to plan a retell of a story they have read.  This one is like a mountain, and is a particularly useful for plot

Bloom of the Whole Self – Helps students to really get into the componant of character

Character Rating Scale – Students rate the traits of a particular character

Character Organization – again a focus on character, but more tailored to older students reading or planning to write a narrative; includes space for protagonist, antagonist and more. 

Setting Map – Helps students retell a narrative they are reading or plan a piece of writing with a focus on setting; includes space for several settings.

For more information on Graphic organizers, Please read anything by Steve Moline or digest Chapter 10 of Beyond Monet

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