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Below is a list of links to websites that you may find useful. They are listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

beyondmonet.ca: The official website of Bennett and Rolheiser's book provides an overview of the work, as well as some on-line chapters.  For more information about this work, you may also want to check out York Regions's Instructional Intelligence website here, which provides action research, a teacher manual on the book, a video of Barrie and much more!

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy - Awesome website for teachers; very practical; includes the revised taxonomy posters, planning matrix and more!

braingym.org: Here you'll find all manner of information about Brain Gym and Edu-K, including research as well as a link to their bookstore.

curriculum.org: Your link to a wealth of lessons, webcasts and more for teachers, parents, publishers and private schools.  This Canadian site is available in French and English.

edu.gov.on.ca: The Ontario Ministry of Education website.  Here you'll find all the curriculum documents, policies and many links to other sites of educational interest.

enhancelearning.ca: This website features and endless supply of teacher resources including material on differentiating instruction, brain research, links to graphic organizer websites, levels of questioning and tonnes more!

eworkshop.on.ca: A collaboration between the Ministry of Education and TVO, this website features some excellent teacher PD in literacy and numeracy.  Available are several multi-media "modules" teachers can work through.  Great for "do it yourself" PD!

teachers.net: The brainchild of Harry K. and Rosemary Wong (of "The Fist Days of School" fame), this site provides some excellent networking and chat opportunities, as well as links to professional reading and ready-to-use lessons for teachers.

Virtual Manupulatives : The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives provides a number of opportunities for students to practise and demonstrate their learning in mathamatics, using manipulatives on-line!

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